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The Legend of the Dark Swordsmith part 1

It is common knowledge in the solar system that the finest swords there is are those made by the Gallagher clan of the imperial corporation. Other lesser sword makers may try to deny it but the legendary sword of this clan far surpasses anything anyone else have forged, seemingly possessing supernatural powers and abilities. Even amongst the magnificent blades of the Gallagher clan there is many different sword smiths who each have had a different capability for swords crafting. The greatest of them is the nigh mythical founder of the clan Owain Gallagher who as one of the first disciples of cardinal Nathaniel Durand I, first learned to combine the art of mentalation and metallurgy, and forged the legendary blade that the cardinal would use to defeat the dark apostle Algeroth in single combat. The mightiest blade ever forged, which was scattered as it destroyed the host of the apostle (though other versions of the tale hold that the blade was tempered in the sacred blood of the cardinal and thus died alongside its master)
Though this blessed connection has protected the clan from the superstition that would otherwise surround the wielders of such power there are other darker moments in the history on the Gallagher causing the blades to be treated with awe and respect. Most clansmen knows that the power of all Gallagher swords may not stem from such a benevolent source.
The story of these tainted claymores begin in the golden age of peace before the return of the dark legion. A younger son of the core family Gallagher itself proved to be a swordsmith surpassing all of his kin except the legendary liege himself. His name was Robert Gallagher, but he'd forever be known as The Black Gallagher.
Robert was a weak child born with yet black eyes and hair and pale skin. He was not considered fit for politics martial training or the art of swordssmithing. Robert refused to accept that he locked himself away and practised the swords-maker's art day and night until he by pure skill could compensate for the weakness of his body. His swords were marbles far superior to anything that Gallaghers had forged since the beginning of the clan. His family openly acknowledged that they had been wrong not to teach Robert but at that point there was nothing more they could teach him. Robert began seeking knowledge elsewhere. He sought the blades left by Owain to learn what he could from those, he sought the counsel of the brotherhood to learn to weave the art into his blade even better. But yet his final goal, that of surpassing Owain, eluded him. It is not known how or why Robert Gallagher was turned to darkness but the clan claims that amongst the blades he collected to study was several relics of the dark legion that might have corrupted him. But others claim that the dark Gallagher turned.to darkness willingly and that the clan is jet trying to absolve itself of any guilt for his fate.
The tale of how he was discovered goes like this. Roberts father had finally passed away and he left the clan in the hands of his oldest son William. Furious that his massive contributions had been ignored Robert refused to attend his funeral. William came to his smithy to talk to him and the argument got so heated they came to blows with each other. Long since Robert had ceased to be the sickly child. Now he was a giant amongst men larger and stronger than any other man. As William stuck him the true reasons for Robert's changed physique came to light. Necrobionics sheer as his skin was broken. Before the horrified eyes of his brother Robert fled. Perhaps he knew he could not take on the entire clan perhaps some vestige of human guilt drove him away. Regardless it would not last.

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