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SGA Scrapped Fanfic Book 1 Chapter 3 The Archimdes Prinicple

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 The Archimedes principle

(this chapter needs to be longer, consider adding more characters and what they are doing as of this moment)

Hoglund and several other scientist, the so called people that arent complete morons, as McKay so eloquently put it, were gathered in the main energy chamber. Peter Grodin had been quite correct I his assusmption that they were low on power. In fact mcKay had put it quite well when he looked at thr readings and proclaimed that they were screwed.
“We need to interface out power generators with these systems” Kavanagh said. “It may buy us the time we need to find a sustainable solution”
“Thats's assuming that the naquadah generators can even supply the required effect, which they can't, by a long shot” McKay answered him.
“If we overclock them they might” Suggested Simpson.
“You're talking about overclocking a nuclear reactor” another scientist that Hoglund didnt know the name of pointe out.
“If we cannot extend the lifetime of the forcefield, we're all dead anyway.” Hoglund retorted.
“Because of the time constraints that's atleast what we must assume for now” McKay agreed. “Simpson, Hoglund get started on it, I must inform doctor weir”
“We'll get it done” Hoglund said.
“good and Hoglund?”
“Dont hook them up without first talking to me or doctor weir”
“Don't be they guy responsible for setting of a potential nuke... that's good advice” Hoglund said sarcastically then followed Simpson.

Several hours later Felix was sitting leaning back against the wall in the power controll room. He was sweating so much that it looked like he had taken a shower. Doctor Simpson was sitting half sleeping against anothe wall. McKay entered the room.
"Shouldn't you be working?"
"It can't be done. I've shut the generators down on the verge of overload five times. And we're approaching a third of the required power."
McKay nodded.
"Pack up the reactors and get them to the gate room, I'll inform Elizabeth that we need to evacuate." He left the room again. Hoglund struggled unto his feet slowly then walked over and shook simpson to wake her.
"Uh... Hoglund?" She said. "Should we keep trying?"
"Nah. McKay doesn't belive it'll work we're supposed to pack the generators and prepare for evacuation." He pulled her to her feet and started putting the generators in the case.
"We can't abandon this city now. Think of what we might learn from it."
"There may still be ancients in this galaxy if we live we can find them and learn. If we go down with the city we lose any such chances."
"But this is the only gate that can dial intergalactic"
Hoglund secured the last reactor down into the case.
"If we can learn why, we can duplicate those conditions." He closed the case. And activated his radio "This is the main power room we have the naquadah generators ready for transport."
"This is McKay I've sent down a technician with a trolley for them.  Get to the gate room" the radio razors back at him. Hoglund looked at Simpson she still looked very disoriented hopefully it was just fatigue bit the worst case scenario was of course radiation poisoning. He steered her towards the stairs. If there had been some kind of leak the risks of her rubbing it of was small. Or well it wasn't small, but the chances he wasn't already affected was astronomically slim. He felt the city start to rumble. To late McKay he thought as the lights started to flicker. One of the technicians showed up in the stair and grabbed simpsons other should and they sprinted up the stairs as fast as they could with her. Hoglund realised that even with the threat of certain doom this was how he liked it. Only a guys guts and intelligence between him and death. This was what he had been missing his entire life. They came up to a platform with windows facing the dark green ocean water. If it wasn't for the lights of Atlantis they would never have been able to even see that they were under water. Sunlight doesn't pierce very far into water. Then all the lights went out and they felt a strong lurch under their feet.
"What was that" the technician asked.
"Accelaration" Hoglund said. "They have fired up the stardrive" he realised as soon as he had said it that it was impossible. The ZPMs were empty.
"Not the stardrive" Simpson said. For the first time in hours sounding vivid. 'The Archimedes principle" she pointed out. The increasing accaration knocked Hoglund down to the ground before he found answer. There he lay on the floor as he though the window saw the surface of the water conning closer and more sunlight reaching them. Then he saw a spire on the other side of the window pierce it, and then more of them. If they had gone at this speed into the water rather than out of they would have been obliterated, now instead there was another lurch as the fact that they had less resistance to their movement was counteracted by that any air above the surface no longer contributed to their accelaration. But an obeject in motion the size of manhatta. Doesn't stop easily and they lifted several meters of their equlibrium before gravity caught up to them. For a moment it was as if they were weightless then they with a thundering crash landed in the ocean again. Hoglund got on his feet slowly. He felt like he was going to throw up. Radiation poisoning he thought for a second before concluding, sea sickness. He would have to get used to it he supposed, because when he looked out the window he saw ocean with no end. He reached for his radio to report in just to realise that he had smashed it totally when the city had crashed back into the ocean. The technician looker at him nodded and called them in instead. Simpson was also getting on her feet. Strangely she looked much better of. Adrenalin Hoglund guessed. Which probably meant her earlier symptoms had simplybeen dehydration.
"Brilliant" she said looking at the ocean. "A magnetic anchor, when power levels drop to a specific point it releases and the city raises on buoyancy." Hoglund nodded at her words. It was bloody brilliant. He found a panel next to a window touched it and opened a door to a balcony. He felt a rush of fresh air, not cold, the climate was propably atleast temperate, but much colder than the steaming hot air still raising from the power distribution room. He hadn't realised how much the heat had bothered him until it was gone. Radiation poisoning? Bah he had been nearly as dilerious as Simpson.
He stepped outside. Sunlight for the first time since he had descended down into NORAD. He drew the salt air into his lungs. It tasted like home. hhe was now at least 90% certain that the sea was actually water. Wind and sun maybe they could run the city of that. Then another thought came to him. The ascent had used potential energy. The city could'be done the ascent and descent thousands of times over a very long time automatically. It was brilliant. The question was ofcourse if a ZPM could even be recharged by conventional means.
"Doctors" the technician said "doctor McKay wants to see the both of you in the briefing room" Hoglund nodded. McKay propably wanted him to start working on the power supply again ofcourse he'd need someone to replace Simpson who still looked like she could throw up any minute. "We'll be right up" he said.

The science team was gathered in the briefing room again.
"so what's out situation" Mckay aksed the floor.
"Well, the ZPMs are entirely drained, the last shred of energy was used to power shield during the ascent of the city" Peter Grodin, informed him.
"Was it possible to interface our generators with the city?" Mckay turned to Hoglund.
"Yes now that we don't have to power the shield it should be doable, but we still don't have enough for anything but the most primary functions... we might be able to stretch the capacity of we move the generators closer to the things we want them to power"
"I want you to take a few technicians and get that done when we are done here." He looked them over "Anything else I should know before my meeting with Shepard and Weir?"
"We found spaceships, small ones they might be intended to go through the gate" one of the doctors pointed out,
"That could prove to be useful, ok meanwhile try to find out what you can and please don't break anything" He left the room. Hoglund heard several members of the science team grumble at the last comment. Hoglund wasn't surprised though, knew McKay, he knew this was Rodney Mckay on a good day.

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