måndag 26 augusti 2013

How to use this Blogg

Ok I have no idea if Blogger has any functions for these things but if I discvover that they do I'll try to incorporate that into the structure of the blog as I learn how to work it.

As for now, don't use the BlogArchive, use the keyword system.
Keywords I will use are name/title of the storyline (I hereby define storyline as a number of interlinking stories), what franchise it belongs to (Startrek fanfic If I ever write such will for an example be labelled Star Trek), and it's current status.

The statuses I use as of this moment are:

Finished - which means that the story line is finished or at least finished for a large portion of the storyline. This is probably the final version of this chapter/story.

In progress - I think this is the final version but I may decide to scrap or rewrite if I feel that it doesn't fit with what I need later on.

Unfinished - The chapter/story is unifinished, I will go back and rewrite and/or edit it later.

Scrapped - This is no longer canon in the storyline, or in the meta storyline, this is left sole for people who want to see how my writing have progressed over time.

That said every story in a storyline even if that storyline is scrapped will have links in the beginning to previous chapter/story or storyline and/or in the end to the next chapter/story or storyline. Note that after I decide to scrap a story or storyline it will not link to non scrapped stories/chapter or storylines.

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