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SGA Scrapped Fanfic Book 1 Chapter 4 Power play

Power Play

(the following chapter needs rewriting, it needs to be longer or dropped, it needs to actually divulge the plot of the episode it's circulating around to those who havent seen the episode, right now it reads a comment as much as a bad fanfic)

Felix Hoglund was woken by a load sound, he sat up totally disorientated, the last days had been hell on them all, as soon as they had gotten power distribution working in a way that McKay was pleased with some Athosian kid had let out and energy being that had proceeded to eat several generators so that had to redo it. No one of the scientists or technicians had gotten nearly enough sleep.
"All available members of the scientists report to the briefing room for emergency briefing, the intercom said, that was the sound that had awoken him. Hoglund reached for his clock then realised it was still set for earth time so it didn't matter anyway, he pulled on his clothes and hurried to the nearest transporter. On the other hand he thoight if the Athosian kid hadn't let out the energy being they maybe still wouldn't know about the transporters. Installing generators was much less of a toil when you didn't have to lug the cases up and down all the stairs. He met Zalenka outside the transporter. Hoglund supressed a jawn.
"Do you know what this is about?" Hoglund asked.
"The off-world team has gotten stuck inside a space gate because  a drive-pod wouldn't retract"
"Isn't mckay there?"
"Yeah but there isn't much he can do from the back of a jumper, atleast not whe he's only got 38 minutes"
"Why thirty eight minutes?"
"Maximum time a wormhole cna remain open"
"Ok I'll have to read up on that"
Zalenka pushed the button for stargate controll.
"Time to save to save mckay then" Hoglund muttered, "I thought you didn't like the guy, Zalenka said stepping out of the transporter.
"I don't but if he dies then Kavanagh is in charge" they started walking towards the stairs.
"Is there anyone in your department you like?" Zalenka asked while hurrying up the stairs.
"Not really, a few I don't mind that much though" Hoglund muttered before walking down the stairs to stargate operations and the briefing room.
 He entered the room finding Peterssen arguing with Kavanagh. he sat down and turned to Grodin.
"I heard what happened what do you need me to do?"
"You know Kavanagh is really the head of your department with Rodney away, right?" Grodin responded not looking away from his calculations
"Yeah but he seems busy" Hoglund smiled and nodded towards the arguing doctors further down the table.
"Yeah, I think he's kind of missing the point" Grodin looked away from his calculations and shrugged, then paused. "You read ancient right?"
"I read latin, and ancient is very similiar so I manage"
"Start looking for similiar incidents in the ancient database" Grodin suggested. Hoglund went of to wind a unoccupied console.

Five minutes later he retentered the briefing room. Kavanagh was fuming over something.
"Weir's been here?" Hoglund asked and say down next to Simpson while sitting down.
"yes" she said, then it added, "We recommended they close the hatch. It at most buys us time though, you found anything?"
"Oh yeah there are over three million black box entries in the ancient database. over five hundred thousand ones for ships in roughly the size of a jumper. at least a half of those entries contains the word stargate somewhere in the information. I'm sure I could become a scholar when it comes to ancient technology and it's development here but finding something useful here in time to save the people we got trapped is propably not that likely"
"Start from the back the jumper was the model they used when they left Altantis and whatever malfunction caused this has obviously not been fixed yet" doctor Wagner suggested from a few seats away.
"The chances of actually solving this is still negligible" Kavanagh sneered. "atleast you can see that right Hoglund" Hoglund met his eyes, Kavanagh was probably right, but Hogludn wasnt going to say that, in front of the entire science team.
"How about we discuss this when we don't have a deadline" he suggested, Kavanagh didn't look exactly pleased with the response. But Grodin and several of the other scientists nodded. Hoglund started going over the black box entries by a keyword principle, which is easier said than done in a language that you don't speak properly but haven't been fully translated by anyone yet. About five minutes later Simpson and Kavanagh began arguing over something. Then they were interuppted as Weir entered the room.

"You're supposed to be working on solutions." she chided them. Kavanagh gave her an irritated look.

"We think the Jumper must be damaged for this to have happened in the first place. Ancient systems are too advanced for this to have been pilot error." he pointed out.


"So depending on the extent of the damage, we can't rule out a catastrophic power feedback in the drive manifold." Hoglund almost buried his head in his hands instead he took a sip of coffe and held his tounge. In a situation like this you need to be brief.

"Without the technobabble, please." Weir told him.

"Doctor Kavanagh was pointing out that there is a very slim chance that with the cockpit controls interrupted and the pod damaged, the main drive could overload." Simpson tried to explain, but that was little better.

"She means to say explode -- especially if McKay starts nosing around inside the control conduits to retract the drive pod manually. And he will. I know I would."Kavanagh still wasn't getting the point across.

"Zelenka is working on simulations. I just came from there." Weir said.

"If there is a catastrophic overload, the full force of the explosion will break up the Jumper, follow the burning fragments through the Stargate like a bomb." Kavangh was beginning to sound upset. Weir nodded then turned to Simpson.

" You think the risk of this happening is minimal?" she asked

"In my opinion, yes." Simpson responded and stood glaring at Kavanagh. Weir looked up on the rest of them.

"You all agree?" She asked, Hoglund nodded, the thing he didn't get was that Kavangh wasn't a bad scientist he should know better than to get hung up on details like that.

"Then we take the chance." Weir concluded.
 Kavanagh stood and crossed his arms glaring first at Simpson and then at Weir.

"I thought it was important to point out the risk."

"Fine. You did. Now please, worry a little bit more about their lives and less about your own ass." Kavanagh made a irritated sound again "Twenty three minutes."  Weir said to the room. then left. Kavanagh stood there for a few moments then he hurried after her.
Hoglund turned to Simpson as soon as Kavanagh had left.
"If mckay doesnt make it through this Kavangh is going to make your life a hell for opposing him on this you know that right?"

"That one? he wouldnt dare try soemthign like that, evne if he was in charge" then the dime dropped for Hoglund, if the gate shield was closed it was almost certain that Kavangh would end up in charge it was a coup. A few minutes later Kavangh came back in an even worse mood than before. As soon as he sat down Hoglund stood up.
"I'm going for some more coffee" he said and hurriedly left the room. He found doctor Weir in her office.
"Do you mind if I disturb you one second doctor?" he asked
"Come in Hoglund please tell me you havent also got a case of bruised ego"
"No, I am a genius don't get me wrong" Weir's look grew stale and Hoglund continued "But I'm not the one who's going to solve this, no this is about Kavanagh"
"What about him?"
"You do realsie that if it should come to the worst he'll be acting head of science on atlantis right?" Weir looked liek she was goign to snap somethign at him, then decided not to. Instead she took a deep breath.
"What are you implying Hoglund?" she asked him.
"I'm implying nothing doctor" Hoglund said and stood.
"I know what you are implying" Weir said coldly "And one might argue that if  I assumed Kavanagh didn't want McKay to survive and so took him out of the order the person next on the list would be yourself. and that you are here suggesting this proves you have thought about it, where as I cannot be sure that Kavanagh has."  Hoglund paused for a second, had he been conspiring to take control of Atlantis himself, perhaps subconsciously. He wasnt sure he really like that part of himself but he smiled anyway.
"I have said what I came to say, what you make of that is up to you" he said. Weir started to say something but then there a buzz over the intercom.
"Doctor Weir, doctor Zelenka thinks he has found something". Doctor Weir dismissed Hoglund with gesture then hurried out into the controll room.

Later that evening he was sitting working on his report in the main science lab, he had decided to leave his suspicions about Kavanagh out of the report, better not remind Weir more than nessecarry. He heard the door and turned, McKay entered.
"Ah Hodlund, haven't seen you all day" he walked up to one of the desks and seemed to be looking for a paper.
"No but you did manage to wake me up this morning" Hoglund joked.
"Sorry to let me and my team being in mortal danger upset you sleeping schedule" McKay retorted.
"Would have been ironic, wouldn't it, the great Rodney McKay the worlds foremost expert on stargates killed by a stargate."
"I'm laughing on the inside" mckay found the paper and turned towards the door again.
"Watch out for Kavanagh Rondey" Hoglund said watching the screen.
"Kavanagh? Please he doesn't have the guts to try to conspire against anyone"
"Unless that's just an act" Hoglund pointed out turning toward him. "I might just be paranoid but paranoia and a long life go together"
"Paranoia also goes well with a failed career,t I hear" Rodney muttered. Hoglund gave him a cold glare then shrugged and turned back to the screen
"Suit yourself, McKay" he said. Mckay stood there for a while then he shrugged too and left. What really made Hoglund angry was that Mckay was probably right, if they had contact with earth what he had said to weir today might well have gotten him sent home. People really wasn't his thing. He closed the laptop he'd finish the report tomorrow.

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