söndag 12 januari 2014

Challenge Accepted

Lo folks this update was supposed to be up nearly a week ago, but I've had a lot of things to do (writing a massive review of  a kickstarter I participated in amongst other things). But on to what's today, a few days ago I signed up for a writing challenge issued by my friend Gunnar, since his post on the first challenge is in Swedish I'll translate  it here in English (or Google translate will because I'm lazy).

"Alright, here is the first author's challenge of this year:

1. The story should be written in Swedish or English
2. Report must be between 500 and 1000 words.
3. The story must include the following three components, drawn from WCG on Seventh Sanctum:

The story takes place on a rainy day.
During the story begins an organization's recruitment
A character is preparing for a vacation.

In addition to this, it is good to go. I plan to make this a flash challenge: write it quickly and do not spend much time on revising and correcting. Quite simply, a little more unrefined text. Other interested can obviously do as you want.

If someone else takes up the challenge, so you are welcome to drop a comment or an email with where to find it, so I make sure to add a link.

Have fun (I intend to)!"

By now he's put up the second challenge so I have some catchign up to do so pardon me folks but I'll be writing

til next time.

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