tisdag 14 januari 2014

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more!

And then with the first challenge down I'll take on the second challenge which is as follows:

"1. The story should be written in Swedish or English
2. Report must contain at least 20 lines of dialogue.
3. The story must contain a quote from a movie with at least four Oscar nominations. Whether someone in the story actually quoting the movie or if the quote is used in another context is optional. Which film selected should also be told.
4. The story must contain the following three sentences, as dialogue or narrative.

"I love you, but the horse can not run."
"Without a drop to drink and not a donkey in sight."
"Boasting, arrogant and quite wonderful was he / she /it '

Some more rules, but also full flexibility in the story's scope, this will be fun!"

First of I'll admit that this is not my kind of gig, I know I have a very unique writing style and the given lines will always stick out in what I write. On the other hand twenty lines of dialogue is a laughing matter, which then again makes getting those lines in there harder.
So let's see we have a horse and a love story, or it could be love as in family of course. Then we have a lack of drink, which either means dry or that the person has a drinking problem. The donkey can either be a donkey or an euphemism. All fair up until there and then... is that from Disney's Cinderella?
Considering the horses and donkey's I was thinking a desert theme, so I'd probably have taken the quote from Ben-hur or lawrance of arabia or something.

But then I kind of liked the idea that horse and donkey are euphemisms (or innuendo). I'm kind of thinking the bartender that's played by John Glover in the Smallville episode Noire (s6e20), or rather more the kind of character he's based on. So let there be noire.

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