fredag 31 januari 2014

Writer's Challenge #3

Lo folks ok so the third writer's challenge has been up for 4 days and I haven't started yet, haven't even posted it here yet, I may get some writing done for it on Sunday. But for now I'll post the challenge. As always it's totally open for anyone to jump aboard.

"Hm, not quite two per week so far, not even one. Well, we're writing in all cases more than in the past, hopefully, the tempo will increase gradually.

Here, anyway,writer's challenge # 3:

1. The story should be written in Swedish or English
2nd The story should be at least 1500 words.
3rd The story must include the following three components, again taken from the WCG on Seventh Sanctum.

     The story ends on a wrecked ship.
     The story takes place in the late morning.
     During the story, a famous person goes missing.

A Seventh Sanctum challenge again, with about as much complexity.

My contribution to the challenge can probably be delayed a while, at worst,  until early next week.

Until then,

Auf Wiedersehen!

The obvious problems here is to fit 1500 words into one late morning, so I'll just have the story begin or end in the late morning.
Ship can either be a classic sea going vessel or in a sci-fi a spaceship. And from my (far from perfect) grasp at English a wrecked ship doesn't (have to) mean ship wreck either.
Oh and famous person I'm going to at least for now assume that is famous in setting because I don't like writing about real people unless I have a lot of time to do research. Imay leave things out, and add embellishment to history but I really hate to state untruths.

Oh and I've also tried updating the page's looks, I'm not sure I'm satisfied yet but any feedback or ideas would be great.

Well until next time folks.

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