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Summary Stargate Fanfic

Ok if you at any point think you'll read my SGA fanfic series then this outline is pretty much as much spoiler as spoiler gets. Just saying

The point of this story isn't really Hoglund, never was, he's a macguffin of sorts, a vessel for bringing the story forward, the real main characters are Sora, Tyrus and the genii (espeically Athor, and the Radim siblings). Hoglund is mostly there as a pair of eyes for the reader to look through (since it's much harder to tell a story from the perspective of a an alien)

Book 1
Rising - the storm
9 episodes

Hoglund arrives in Pegasus and explores atlantis along the science team and some combat tecnicians under the command on Captain Nathan Jones.
Several deaths and unexplained cases of sabotage, later Hoglund realises Jones is behind it and during the events of storm (but before the evacuation) they fight and Hoglund kills Jones.
Hoglund is then evacuated from Atlantis along most of the crew. once on Manara he gets himself drunk (he's just murdered a former friend it seems like the way most people would deal with that)  and while being drunk he meets and tries to hit on sora who rifle buts him in the face and dumps him in a cellar.

The book is about how Hoglund about Atlantis and it's inhabitants (rather than just relying and caring about himself, "I'm not a psychopath I just had a hard life")

Book 2
the eye - the siege part 2 (ish)
10 episodes (+/- 0-1 episode)

We follow Sora through the events of the genii occupation of Atlantis. then after she's taken prisoner (/surrenders) we follow Hoglund as he interviews her and they find themselves affected by the stockholm syndrome.
Hoglund goes offworld a few times and encounters what appears to be ori woshippers (and learn of the events that really led up to the latintian-wraith war)

This book is about how Sora's influence on Hoglund force him to view pegasus from the point of view of it's inhabitants. It's also a book about how Sora comes to terms with lanteans and the actions of her people in relation to them.

Book 3
The siege part 3 (ish) - coup d'etat
17 episodes (+/- 0-1 episodes)

After the events of the siege captain William 'Bill' ______ of the SBS (who firsts whows up during the siege) is assigned to atlantis and is given an offworld team. He recruits Hoglund as his science officer and Sora as his alien liaison.
A cold war situation develops in Pegasus, with Atlantis and the geniistruggling for influence over other culture and worlds. Sometimes they tear down corrupt regimes but just as often they find themseves helping local warlords stay in power to prevent the genii from taking over.
Then come coup d'etat Sora tries to warn the lanteans about trusting Laden, and says he'll be worse than Cowen they let him.
Even after the situation is resolved Sora is disillusioned with Atlantis and starts speaking about leaving the city. That she may be of more use to pegasus if she returned to the genii.

Book 4Michael - The return part 1 (ish)
13 episodes (+/- 0-1 episodes)

With peace with the genii established Atlantis turns it's attention back to the wraith threat. With the first Michael situation arising Hoglund and sora is pro whiping the wraith out they are after all wraith. After first contact with the Asurans the team does several raids on Asuran outposts to capture technology and preferable ZPM's. Hoglund holds that the Asurans may be the ones chance they have of truly unlocking the secrets of the ancients.
When shepard is captured by Kolya the team uses Sora's genii contacts to try to track him down. Instead they find indicators of how Ladon has been wielding/abusing the power of his office, and considering that Atlantis is allied with him Sora grows ever more inclined towards leaving Atlantis.
When the ancients return and the expedition leave Sora goes to find the only genii commander who could oppose Ladon the legendary commander Athor. Hoglund tries to defect to follow her but is found out and brought back to earth. There he is disbared from the stargate program because he tried to go AWOL.

Book 5
The Return part 2 (ish) - missing
17 episodes (+/- 0-1 episodes)

Hoglund stuggles on earth to find a way to return to Pegasus. Meanwhile Sora seeks out commander Athor and convince him to come out of retirement and start a resistance movement again Ladon.

Hoglund finds some pieces about the great library (turns out the one in alexandria was a pale copy of an ancient one) that he brings to daniel jacksson and thus gets acess to the stargate. Now hoglund expected the library to be  a hoax but it turns out to be the real thing and ancient outpost, inside it Hoglund finds a reference to a atlantis class city ship in pegasus and manages to go awol on SG-1 when the library comes under attack from ori.
He joins up with sora and Athor (who doesnt like Hoglund becuase his son was killed by shepard and lanteans like lanteans) he brings their breakaway faction to the city that becomes known as the lighthouse.
Ladons genii name them terrorists and the department of homeworld security puts out a warrent for hoglunds arrest as a deserter. Once Atlantis comes back under earth controll they also have to avoid Atlantis teams sent out to capture hoglund. At the same time Hoglund raids asuran strongholds (as well as caches of ancient tech left by atlantis) to repair the lighthouse.
Captain ____ is tasked with leading a new SG team specifically founded to bring Hoglund in, on special request from ladon that "Atlantis deals with this menace it has created". Captain ___ however avoids capturing Hoglund and even manages to aid him a  few times, since only ladon and the DHS seems to be the least bit intrested in Hoglund it's allowed to slip by.
When given the chance he tells Hogund about becketts death. But soon after than Hoglund meets beckett who has ascended (with help), Beckett tells Hoglund that michael is still alive and and using has a lab on Hoff where he tries to unlock the secrets of the Hoffan drug. Hoglund and sora and their team plans to attack and destroy the lab.
Meanwhile a IOA special agent has taken over the hunt for Hoglund and somehow finds out he'll be on Hoff (maybee someone betrays hoglud to ladon who then tells the IOA?)
They all clash on Hoff and are trapped by michael's forces, they find that michael has tried unsucessfully to clone beckett, ascended beckett tells them it wont work since a clone lack the energy component of the original person.
Beckett is forced to use his ascended powers to get them out of there safely but is then quickly stopped by the others. Michaels lab is destroyed but but michael gets away with the drug and a clone that seems to have awoken after the ascended beckett dissapeared.

Book 6
the seer - search and rescue
14 episodes

Under the ever more pressing the ever more pressing threatof michael's hybrids Hoglund Sora and Athor decide to join forces with Ladon's genii. Because of this Hoglund is given a teporary pardon by the IOA (or actually by Carter).
However when the assassin attempt on Harmony is foudn out Ladon blames Hoglund's faction again. Upon running into beckett again Hoglund theorizes that the ascended may have dumped Beckett's nergy component into the clone body when they deascended him.
sora and hoglund meets sora's father who has been made a runner, in order to protect them he has to leave though.
As hoglund sets up to help rescue teyla ladon attacks them, Hoglund submerges the lighthouse rather than let it fall into genii hands. Ladon launches a nuclear bomb agaisnt the city and while the shield and the water soak up most of the blast Sora is in a  weakened section and gets hit by the radiation.

Book 7
the seed - inquisition
11 episodes

Hoglunds faction seeks out cultures in the galawy to find the pegasus federation in order to marinalise Ladon's power. But it is inflitrated by genii loyalists. When shepards team is taken by the genii captain ___ comes to Hoglund for help the trail leads them to ladon. Sora is begining to sugger from heavy symptoms of radiation poisoning.
Hoglund's faction commits to a coup agaisnt ladon and Hoglund kills ladon. Athor, blames Hoglund as a lantean for the civil war and assumes command of the genii. Hoglund returns with Sora who is slipping into dilerium to the sunken lighthouse. He tries to get help from atlantis but atlanstis has problems with the genii because of his actions and Woolsey wont even speak to him.

book 8
The prodigal - past the end of the series.
Hoglund seeks a cure for sora but but even after he gets help from beckett he's told that at this point there's nothing he can do. The last wave of radiation was the final straw to her otherwise high lifetime exposure to radiation. If Hoglund had gotten her to backett right after it happened then maybee. After Atlantis returns to earht hoglund relaises that the ascension machine (from tao of rodeney) could let her live beyong her mortal lifespan. He hijacks a traveller ship upgrades the warpdrive to intergalactic (yeah he can do that I'll come up wth some plebotheum) he goes to earth and infiltrates atlantis gets sora to use and survive the ascendometer. Hoglund beams her back to his ship, she awakens jsut to see earth assuming the ship to be threat open fire upon it from atlantis. She says goodbye to Hoglund before the ship blows up.
A broken Hoglund is brought to trail for his actions in Pegasus, but then he starts blaming athor for sora's death and escapes and somehow get's back to pegasus where he is to unleash a superweapon upon the genii capital, but relaises he has lost it when Sora appears before him and tells him he shouldnt. The SG people arrive to stop him to see he already has started to stop it. With Mckay's help hoglund stops the machine but the transports mckay out of there was the machine blows up killing him. Shepards team and captain ___ goes down to the surface to meet athor, who promptly betrays them and reveals he had planned most of the events to be able to avenge his sons death on shepard. But then Dahlia Radim leads an unbloody coup agaist him, saying that unlike Ladon and Athor she won't kill he predessecor becuase as a reign begins it continues. She asks the lanteans to take Athor into custody then Athor draws a gun to shoot shepard but is himself shot in the arm by an unknown gunman. Who turns out to be Tyrus. Tyrus kneels over the bleeding athor and athor says soemthing and athor replies "You did one mistake Athor, you shouldn't have let my daughter die" before killing him.

then we pan to a scene where Bill standing on a pier of atlantis, Sora and Hoglund comes up to him, and he asks them if they are really there.
"I'm sorry bill you know we can't answer that" hoglund said
"This is where our path diverge William" Sora smiled. and then they faded away.

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