onsdag 1 mars 2017

Some new things and a teaser

Lo folks it's been a while. more than three years by my reckoning.  And while I have certainly written in this time I have not produced much worthy of posting. And in a way I still haven't but I was thinking "Hey I should fire the old blog up again". I have been playing a lot of Skyrim these last months and I remember making up a story when I last played the game, the thing is I didn't remember the specifics of that story any more. So I started scribbling. And this is what I came up with, no idea if I am going to finish it or not, so here comes a teaser for my upcoming Skyrim fanfic. Oh and I obviously don't own the right to anything and am not allowed to make any profits of it, no idea how that works with adds, eh please don't sue.

Elder Scrolls: The Autumn of Anarchy.
It is the 201st year of the fourth age, the empire has recently won a major victory over the rebel Stormcloaks at Darkwater Crossing. Smashing the Stormcloak forces and capturing their leader Ulfric Stormcloak, the Jarl of Windhelm. Ulfric is taken to the imperial outpost at Helgen to be executed for treason, guarded by  most of the imperial forces in Skyrim, but as he is being led up to the headsman a dragon attacks Helgen, Ulfric escapes, and most of the impeiral forces are wiped out. As harsh weather closes the passes, Skyrim is cut of from the rest of the empire,  and both sides find themselves undermanned, under equipped and underfunded.
What's more if the passes don't reopen before winter they and all of Skyrim is in for a slow war of attrition that will leave thousands dead it it's wake.
Into this madness stumbles a young man running from trouble in from the empires capital province of Cyrodiil, Actius Arcturus is forced to pick a side in the conflict, because as the rebellion turns into a civil war no one can remain neutral, not the high lord in his castle, not the thief or poacher living of the land.

Now the pieces I will be posting are not final, they are probably going to change, but since I am writing them I may as well post them.

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