tisdag 15 oktober 2013

The Fall pt1

Elyash entered the main circuit chamber alogn thousands of others running, the circuit was overloading, jsut when he had thought there was no emotions for him to experience tahat he had not he, and those with him through the link they had in the warp aswell as the fact that they were still linked throught the circuit, was introduced to an entirly new one terror. Fear was one thing that they had experienced thousands of time reliving the battles their ancestors fought against the necrotyr, but terror like this, perhaps if any soulstones had been recovered from the battles with the c'tan themselves there woudl have been terror but now it was an entirly new emotion. Elyash looked around him several faces was savourign the emotions letting it flow through them and flow out of them.
Fools! he thought they are taxing the circuit furhter. He for the first time in what felt like a lifetime, and probalby would be several lifetimes for non eldar, mastered his emotions and shut them of from the glowing warming vastness of the warp. He felt isolated abandoned and cold. But it was better than dead. Still a deep dark place in him hungered for death, the final sensation, the one thing he had not experienced, the soulstones could share all experience up to death but what happened after was not part of this realm and so could not be stored in the stones. He shut that emotion of too. How long had it been since he had done that, chillingly he realised it was probably decades ago. And he was one of the circuit technicians, he had to be responsible once in a while, others here had probably gone centuries without even thinking. He saw his childhood friend Aldeyesh close by, Aldeyesh had spend his last two centuries eating sleeping and experienced his childhood love Adana, though he had never really been with her, he had experienced her through the eyes of another, through the circuit. Adana had been dead for atleast ten years now Elyash realised. It was a chilling thought, the circuit had been contructed to allow the eldar to share their knowledge with common generations, not to share what should have been a private matter with every eldar in existance.
They reached the open area before the dias holding the controll stone of the circuit. The main controll stone, set in place by Avernia of Atash more than million years ago. She had created the first circuit that all other circuits on the other maiden worlds had grown out of. The greatest creatrion of the eldar people, and it was shining with inner light, pulsating like a heartbeat. about to crumble unde rthe pressure of all the emotions flowing thorugh it. The eldar had grown to many, used the circuit to lightly and now it was failing. Even shielded from it and the warp Elyash could feel the warmth of the circuit burning him. The crown stopped, but Elyash and several other circuit technicians hurried towards it, not thta they had any real idea what to do, this wasnt suposed to be possible, the circuit was suposed to grow to allow for more inout if it was strained. It's scope should be that of the warp itself, infinite. But it was not so. The flashing got faster and stronger, Elyash saw eldar men and women collapsing on the floor screaming. Their pain spilled over into others, most never thought of shielding themselves, some probably didnt even rememeber how. Then the flashing and the heat got so instense that Elyash had to stop. Then a single flash and the circuit was quiet. Totally quiet, totally dead. In horror Elyash looked on it, the stone conencted to the circuit here and on thousands of worlds grew cold. Then he saw it, a little girl was standing naked before the main stone. He wondered what she did there then felt a rush of uneasiness as the emotions of his fellow eldar flowed over him, admiration, reverence and sexual desire. He turned to look at them in shock, she was a little girl such emotions for a child was wrong, the sight that met hi eyes chilled him, several hundred eldar behind him had collapsed their eyes was empty their souls was gone. Other was caught in some kind of trance staring at the girl. Elyash turned his eyes back to her, he knew her. She was Hevenra the daughter of Avernia, the first eldar ever to submitt an experience into the circuit, and she had been dead for at least a hundred thousand years. Elyash had seen her through the eyes of others as he went through his traning. Even seen the ceremony when the circuit was first opened.
She opened her eyes and looked at them, if he had not shielded himself he knew those eyes would have consumed him, had he not worked for close to a millenia with the circuit he wasnt sure how much diffrence his shielding would have done.

I thirst” she said, she walked up to one of the technicians and touched him, he collapsed into a pile of convulsing flesh then stopped moving. Even shilded Elyash knew he was dead. This wasnt Hevenra, this was the infinity circuit, the thirst of the eldar race given form. And she would consume them all and still thirst.
Then he felt something else, something even more fundamental than the compulsion to seek out desires, it made the blood boil in his veins and pushed back her effects on him. He knew if from the old memories, the attack command, the call of Khaine. The very reason for the eldar to exist. He smelt burnt ozone and turned. At the end of the hall stood a giant armoured in burning armour, his hand dripping with blood and a mighty curved sword in his hand. Atleast that was how Elyash experienced him, the psychic emissions was so strong they clouded the physical form of this being.

Thirster in the dark!” it said looking at she who thirsts. ”I am the reaper of souls, I have come for you!”

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